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Central Wisconsin Trees

One of the Biggest White Pines in Adams County
One of the Biggest White Pines in Adams County

White Pine Tree

  • 3-5 inch long needles
  • Only conifer pine tree w/ 5 needles in bunch
  • Max. of 50-100 feet tall
  • Known to be up to 450 years old


White Pine Tree

  • 3-10 inch long pine cones
  • Popular wood for constucting homes

White Pine Tree

  • 2 to 3 1/2 feet wide trunk
  • Cones never have thorns

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Maple Trees
Maple Leaf
Sugar Maple Tree
  • Get maple syrup from the sap! *Yum*
  • Wisconsin's State Tree
  • Grows best in moist soil
  • Hardwood Tree
  • Average Height: 40-70 feet tall
  • Can grow in shaded areas
  • Very prominent in Central Wisconsin!
Sugar Maple Tree Leaf
  • Reddish orange color during fall when changing colors
  • Pointed edges
  • Heavily waxed
  • No hair underneath the leaf.
  • Area between points are U-shaped

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Maple Syrup

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