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Past GH Job #1

Well Bob.... What did you think?

This stump wasn't too bad but after doing all the tree removal on the property I was left with nearly 50 stumps. It made for a lot of extra driving to mow around them and it was terribly hard on my lawn mower. Now that the stumps are gone, even my wife wants to mow lawn.

Past GH Job #2

How many trees Richard?

We didn't count the trees. We loved the look and the feel of building our dream cabin among the tall pines. Of course we didn't realize there would be so many trees to remove....and stumps. Gentle Harvest made it simple and after clean up you couldn't even tell that there had been trees removed. We had some timber value which helped offset the cost.

Past GH Job #3

Any Deer or Turkey tracks around the pond?

It is amazing to me how many deer and turkeys I see on my property now that there is some water. My wife and the kids really get a thrill out of seeing how close they can get to the wildlife. Some of the photos we have taken are fantastic too. We have installed an airator to help keep the fish alive through the winter as this is a fairly shallow pond. We have plans to make it larger and deeper in the future. 

Past GH Job #4

Who's doing the cooking?

Thank you for helping us create a camp-site. Coming from the city, we didn't have a clue on how to start. We bought this perfect wooded lot and then didn't know what to do from there. Gentle Harvest came in and cut in a driveway then cleared out a place for our camper. They left us with several stacks of firewood and they even made us a stone ring for a camp-fire. We did learn a lot from watching them work and they gave us tips on maintaining our wooded lot. Thanks Guys!
P.S. You are invited to a cookout this summer. 

Past GH Job #5

So... how did you get it in there?

Our "Dream" Cabin in the woods did not get here by accident. This was very dense forest to start with. Gentle Harvest helped a lot!! They Cleared trees out and removed stumps as well as chipping all the branches. We even got several ranks of firewood cut and piled. They put in the driveway for us as well. We are very satisfied with their work and the cost and have recommended them to many others in the area. They even cut one of the logs from the property into bench seats by our fire pit. 

Past GH Job #6

Sold! Sold! Sold!

I had this property for sale for almost a year before Gentle Harvest came in and worked their magic. Within two weeks of clean up, I had a good offer on the property. They actually made me an extra $1500. after I paid them. I just wish I had heard about them sooner. They know what they are doing.

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